An end to the waiting game

Cassie squeezes the hands of Jared (r) and friend Betty (l) Photo by: AJ Chavar

For nearly a month, AJ, Michelle and I have been anticipating the birth of OIF veteran Jared Starkel’s baby boy. Mid afternoon yesterday, our wait finally ended. It’s been nearly nine months that the Starkels have been waiting for baby Garryn. And when he finally got here, they couldn’t be happier.

Waiting for benefits

Jared Starkel looks through his 28 page VA paperwork. Photo by: AJ Chavar

It's been almost four months since Jared Starkel first applied for his medical benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Monday, Jared got his first sign of aid: a letter in the mail acknowledging his application.

A Board Meeting, News21 Style

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Handing off the Camera

Photos by: Ashleigh and Katy

Back to Vietnam

Photo by: David Miller

Justin and Juliette have been spending a lot of time with Jerry Middleton, a Vietnam veteran living in the woods outside of Chesaw, Washington. Years ago Jerry was an aspiring photographer, and during his time serving in Vietnam he shot hundreds of slide photographs.

Jerry was gracious enough to give us his slide projector, 8mm film projector, and boxes of slides and film reels to go through.

The Starkel family

Photo by: Katy Hurst

Just four years after his last deployment with the United States Marine Corps, Jared Starkel stands at the grave of a beloved family member. Buried in the Oroville Riverview Cemetery are family members who served in the military. As he stands in the pouring rain to honor his loved ones, his children gallop throughout the grounds, placing flowers on the graves.

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