Getting disability compensation


Excerpt from "More than a Warrior" by Sierra Jiminez

Jared is among the more than 2.2 million servicemen and women who have served in the Global War on Terror. As of March 2010, 1.1 million veterans from the war were eligible for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs; however, only 442,000 of them had filed claims for war-related injury, according to the group Veterans for Common Sense, a nonprofit organization.

Jerry's Cabin


Excerpt from "All That Lingers" by Justin Murphy

Military Suicide


An excerpt from "When He Came Home" by Matthew Nojiri.

“We can’t let our veterans fall through the cracks,” says Matt Kuntz, executive director of the National Alliance of Mental Illness in Montana. Kuntz has lead a national initiative for more thorough mental-health screening for returning soldiers and veterans after his stepbrother, an Iraq veteran, committed suicide in 2007. “We owe it to them to make sure they get the care they need when they come back.”

Women in the military


An Excerpt from "One of the Guys" by Sherri Williams

Now that women are the fastest growing demographic of veterans, agencies designed to help those in the service are being challenged to meet their unique needs.

More than 212,000 women have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and almost 130 have died, according to Defense Department statistics.

Washington veteran population


A map of Washington state that includes county veteran population and percentages.

U.S. Military conflicts



Nature as Abstract Art

Late afternoon light warms clouds in Tonasket, WA. Photo by: AJ Chavar

In addition to writing, photographing, and videotaping stories here in Washington, we're also trying to make a wide array of statistics and other "dry" data as interesting visually as it is cerebrally.

To that end, Dave Miller and I are working together on a series of natural environment infographics; combining graphically composed still images with graph and text data in a way that makes sense on a visual and emotional level.

The numbers

National data from and

Right now, as our teams get further into their story reporting, we're seeing trends and understanding local information, but we need to be able to compare that to the bigger national picture.

Where are we?

*Note: This map represents Okanogan and Ferry counties, two northern counties of Washington state, bordering Canada. Documents from the US Geological Survey were referenced to create this interactive map.

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