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Submitted by David Miller on 7.4.2010

Submitted by Justin Murphy on 7.4.2010
Ed Bush and Bob Davis talk as the sun sets. Photo by: Juliette Lynch

Ed and Linda Bush took another several hours of their time Saturday to escort Juliette and I around to veterans in the woods of Ferry and Okanogan counties. We met two: Mike Rounds and Bob Davis.

Mike, who spent four years in the Army during the Vietnam War, has steely eyes, a cool, steady voice, and 20 gorgeous acres far above a wooded valley. For 25 years, he designed traffic patterns for major events in Seattle, a job that gave him a thorough distaste for city life. “I see living out here as definitely an escape,” he said.

Submitted by AJ Chavar on 7.3.2010
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In this video watch 24 hours unfold in 60 seconds, shot from the view out the window of the Syracuse News21 Bunkhouse in Republic, WA.

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Duct taped flip video camera. Photo by: Kelly West

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Wednesday we tagged along for a tour of the Okanogan Department of Social and Health Services along with Okanogan County Community Action Council Executive Director Lael Duncan and some VIP visitors. Mike Gregoire and WDVA Director John E. Lee were making rounds and visited a home that local service officers hope could make a suitable site to house homeless veterans. The brand new home was built with the help of local high school students.

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