The Uncharted road

The sign outside of Gary's house from our first visit. Photo by Juliette Lynch
Gary's sign when we tried to visit yesterday. Photo by: Juliette Lynch

When you think you might get shot, it’s scary.

To wit: Juliette and I drove into the woods near Lost Lake yesterday to track down our “mountain vets,” Gary LaShelle and Frank Walaczek. After nine miles of single-lane dirt-road driving, it turned out neither was home. We think.

But: The last time we went to Gary’s house, his front gate featured a faded warning sign, which more or less made the point that he’d shoot you if he didn’t like the cut of your jib. Yesterday, the sign was re-painted in vivid red: “Is there life after death? Enter and find out.” As it happened, we neither entered nor found out; the gate was emphatically locked.

At the Chesaw Tavern, where both Frank and Gary are regulars, another local vet assured us they were more bark than bite, and informed us that Frank also goes by Frankenstein and Crazy Frank. We’ll try another round of social visits this morning.

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