Racing in Republic

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I can't back down from a handshake.

That's what I kept telling myself as I was thinking of every possible excuse to stay in bed a little longer yesterday morning.

I had promised Professor Bruce Strong that I would run with him in the Gold Rush Run in downtown Republic. The run was just one of the many events held for Prospectors' Days, a weekend-long tradition that celebrates the city's history as one of the oldest gold-mining hubs in Washington. I decided to compete in the 3.7K race, instead of the 10K. Before starting college, I had been a runner for six years but unfortunately the demands of school and extracurriculars led me to put running on hold. I definitely wasn't as prepared I would've like for the race. It's a good thing I didn't know beforehand that the first half of the course was going to be mostly uphill- otherwise I might have thought twice before shaking Bruce's hand.

But I'm glad I did. I ended up placing third in my age group for the 3.7K race. And the best news is that not only did Juliette, Justin and Bruce also place in their age groups, but Juliette also won the 10K race by a landslide- my goodness can that girl run!

In true winner's style, the four of us enjoyed a "breakfast of champions" at Sportsmen Roost afterward. At breakfast, Juliette made a comment that she likes to race in different towns, and I think that's a good idea. I'll definitely keep that in my mind during future travels.

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