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Right now, as our teams get further into their story reporting, we're seeing trends and understanding local information, but we need to be able to compare that to the bigger national picture.

The infographics we design will, in large part, work to put the information we find out about our veterans and the veterans in Washington in context with national veteran statistics. To do this, our colleague Adeniyi Amadou is working hard from Syracuse, NY to collect national Department of Defense, Department of Labor, and US Census information from the last 100 years. We're trying to find out as much information as we can about military size, health costs, mortality rates, divorce statistics, birth statistics, and changes in veterans' benefits.

The numbers are rolling in, and now comes the task of taking all these undigestible numbers and data sets, and making them really beautiful and easy to understand. By combining certain data sets together, and comparing and contrasting changes in data over time, we aim to provide the larger national context that our stories fit in to. Personally, I love here are some really great sources for beautiful infographics on all sorts of topics:


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