In the meadow

"Wait for that light...and rollin'!"
Kelly West
Enthusiastic videographer

With just around a week left in Washington state, nothing is slowing down. Along with the veteran articles, photo stories, and infographics that all the teams are working on, a few of us are also collaborating on a piece about the land- what it means to the people, and how it shapes their lives. The land helps answer the question why are these veterans here? which in turn helps answer the question why are we here?

We've been scouting out locations this week, doing test shots, and determining what places can best illustrate the concepts we will be tackling in our land piece. News21 fellow Kelly West is in charge of aerial shots, which will be an important part of the finished piece. We spent a good hour waist-high in a meadow near K-Diamond-K Ranch yesterday, trying to capture a sense of peace and tranquility.

With the sun about to dip below the mountains to the west and the evening wind picking up quite a bit, the feeling you get in the middle of the meadow is slightly surreal. It's calm and peaceful, and truly beautiful. 

Along with testing out locations, we're also testing out music styles, (the final piece will be narrated, but will also most likely have some sort of subtle music score)...the choice above is slightly "ethereal".  The above was shot with a Nikon D90, but the final piece will be shot entirely using a 5D mkll, a digital single-lens reflex  (DSLR) camera that also shoots some of the most beautiful video possible right now. We'll save the 5D footage for the final piece.

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