Duct tape and a prayer


Juliette and I went up for a second round of aerials today. This excursion was more successful, thanks in part to the awesome gyroscope we rented (I have no idea how it works, but it definitely helped smooth out the videos). We also amazingly managed not to lose, break, or otherwise destroy one of the Kodak flip video cameras that we duct taped (Use #253) to an exterior bar of the Cessna airplane, and let it record until the battery died (about 20 minutes after taking off). That footage came out pretty well, and soon I'll post some from the newly improved gyroscopic shots as well.

The view looked prety different today than it did the first trip. We waited about half an hour for the fog to clear before we could take off, and once we got in the air we could see the valleys covered in clouds. It was quite spectacular. As much as I would like to find an excuse to go again, I think we got what we needed this time.

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