Capturing the land

Ken Harper shoots a forest road at dusk. Photo by David Miller
Kelly West shoots a meadow in sunlight. Photo by David Miller
AJ Chavar camps out to record a time lapse of the stars. Photo by David Miller
The land is a critical character in our stories.
The land helps explain why veterans are here in Washington, and in turn why we as journalists are here.

Today is our last full day in the woods of Washington state.  In thinking about how much I'll miss this beautiful place, I'm happy that we've spent so much of the last week really appreciating our surroundings. In creating our piece about the land, no seemingly impossible scenario or shot idea has stopped us from getting some beautiful footage.

David-Lynch-inspired surreal night driving through the forest? Just have professor Ken Harper bungee chord a 5DmkII to the front of your car, let the high beams light your path, and the shot is bizarrely erie and beautiful.

Aerials? Not a problem, thanks to News21 fellow Kelly West and Justin Smith, the official Syracuse News21 pilot. Two trips later and we've seen some beautiful birds-eye-views of Washington state.

Capturing the passage of time? AJ Chavar's time lapses show just how beautiful night in the woods really is, and you see the passage of hours in a matter of seconds.

This piece has been a real team effort all the way from the planning stages until now. We're all looking forward to heading back to Syracuse and beginning to put together all the video we've captured.

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