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Photo by: David Miller
Photo by: David Miller
Photo by: David Miller
"How many Newhouse kids does it take to get a 30-year-old film projector to work?"
Juliette Lynch
Antiquated technology novice

Justin and Juliette have been spending a lot of time with Jerry Middleton, a Vietnam veteran living in the woods outside of Chesaw, Washington. Years ago Jerry was an aspiring photographer, and during his time serving in Vietnam he shot hundreds of slide photographs.

Jerry was gracious enough to give us his slide projector, 8mm film projector, and boxes of slides and film reels to go through.

We spent today looking at his slides. He has absolutely beautiful shots of the Vietnamese people and landscape. Sometimes it's hard to tell that the country is in the midst of war, or that he and his friends in the pictures are soldiers. The colors and the tones make everything seem so alive - not what you would expect from images of war time.

There are boxes and boxes left to go through. We hope to incorporate Jerry's own images in a final project down the road. Expect to see some beautiful Middleton originals very soon.

Jerry also provided us with dozens of audio tapes that he recorded from Vietnam. Instead of sending letters home to his parents in Minnesota, the family would exchange taped updates.

Justin ventured to the thrift store and found some old tape players, which he and Juliette are using to listen to and log all of Jerry's tapes. The tapes provide an interesting first-hand account of Jerry's time in Vietnam.

Listening to our veterans tell stories about the experiences they've had is absolutely fascinating, but to be able to see their own personal footage from the war and to hear, in their own words from that time, what exactly they were thinking and feeling, is truly remarkable.

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