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Apartfromwar.org is live!

Our content — stories, graphics, photos and videos — explores the effects of war on a nation by examining one cluster of classic, small-town communities in rural Washington state, about three hours north of Spokane.

Our team of young journalists "embedded" for six weeks here and found rich stories and warm people:

Vietnam veterans still living "off the grid." Some are just applying for benefits. Some have found peace, and some still seek it.

Current vets of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. A three-tour Marine veteran of Iraq is trying to sort his life out while supporting a family of four. Another took his own life, and his wife's, a horrible consequence that the community may never quite understand.

Wives and moms, sons and daughters, aunts and uncles and in-laws, all trying to deal with life while their loved ones are overseas, or soon to leave on redeployment.

A woman who served multiple tours in the current conflicts, and who still just hopes to be respected — and cared for.

Two young men, high schoolers who joined the Army and are just off to boot camp.

We found all the consequences of war that we expected to find, across all conflicts and all generations, ranging from the lifelong mental and emotional scars of PTSD to the "just get through the day" existence of those waiting at home.

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