All good things must end

All of us with our K Diamond K friends!
We couldn't have had a warmer welcome in Washington.

Well, last week we packed up and moved out of the K Diamond K bunkhouse, where we had been living for nearly seven weeks. 

Now we're back in Syracuse, working in a windowless, fluorescent-lit room in Newhouse. Don't get me wrong, the computer labs at the university are fantastic, but nothing compares to working in a window-filled room surrounded by beautiful mountainous landscapes.

The staff and crew at the K Diamond K ranch were fantastic throughout our entire stay. Not only did they put us up in their ranch hands' house for a reasonable deal, they were so happy to see us every day, and  were truly sad to see us go. 

From early morning cinnamon rolls at the lodge, to horseback rides during the day and campfires at night, the Ranch is one part of Washington we'll never forget.

A big thanks goes out from us at Syracuse News21 to Kathy, Brian, Steve, Dr. June, William, Shelby, Erin, Lauren, Rebbeca, Chloe, Carrol, and Jenny. Thanks for the memories, and for the horseshoes!

Be sure to check out the K Diamond K online, and definitely check them out in person if you ever get the pleasure of travelling through eastern Washington

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